Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time Flies

As I said in my first post here, this blog is more of a personal journal than business journey like the last one. Getting older and living in a tornado of insanity has led my mental state to be leakier than a broken faucet. This is my way of documenting events and thoughts that are flying by faster than I can keep up with. The fact that my baby will be four soon and my oldest is constantly looking for the 'cool' clothes and wanting me not to hug him in front of his friends sends me into a tearful frenzy of 'oldness.' Fine, not a real word...but in the world of blogdom, we make our own. The fact that I look back at certain stories and can't remember which son it pertains to makes me feel like I'm 80. How do you forget those things? Yes, smoked way too much marijuana back in the day, but for heaven's sake this is rediculous. I want to lock up all those precious moments so I can see/hear/smell every detail later. I guess this is why I blog. Who has time for video cameras...I'd have to buy tapes or read a manual, I have 3 journals to write in..all blank, and hundreds of dollars of scrapbook stuff...stacked in boxes. Blogging works..for now. When my kids move out, I'll do the scrapbooks...and hopefully I won't have forgotten every detail by then.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Can Summer Be Over?

I have no idea where this summer went! Isn't that how we feel about every summer I guess? I know we did a lot, but it honestly has been such a blur that I couldn't even name all of the things we did if I tried. The true signal is the haircuts right before school starts. Thing 2 has the most beautiful golden hair that turns so light during the summer. The week before school haircut leaves him so dark-haired! I love that color, too...it's just a sign that summer's almost over. It's time to brave the insanity at Target for school supplies! Hope everybody's two steps ahead of us, we're so late this year!

Take care and know that we'll be in the salon in a couple weeks...I cheated and left it long on top to save the golden hair as long as I could!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome (Back) to My First Post!

Hi! My first post is more of an update than anything (although I suppose all blog posts are updates of some sort, right?) Anyway, for those of you who I've visited with before a quick recap of events. I sold my other blog and am not currently writing as a contributor anymore for the sites it used to follow.. I know, mysterious for the new people but I can't name names per the sale agreement :-) Although I've been MIA, I've been really busy! I started a new business. It has been completely time consuming, but exciting at the same time. I started a blog to journal the evolution of the business (and I know you've all been checking it), but haven't even had time to post to it yet I've been so busy...promise, I'll do it soon!

So, very different from my last blog, these 2 are personal and just a way to journal and vent. I'm so glad you found me again, but continue to visit the old one..I know they are going to do a fabulous job keeping it up.