Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome (Back) to My First Post!

Hi! My first post is more of an update than anything (although I suppose all blog posts are updates of some sort, right?) Anyway, for those of you who I've visited with before a quick recap of events. I sold my other blog and am not currently writing as a contributor anymore for the sites it used to follow.. I know, mysterious for the new people but I can't name names per the sale agreement :-) Although I've been MIA, I've been really busy! I started a new business. It has been completely time consuming, but exciting at the same time. I started a blog to journal the evolution of the business (and I know you've all been checking it), but haven't even had time to post to it yet I've been so busy...promise, I'll do it soon!

So, very different from my last blog, these 2 are personal and just a way to journal and vent. I'm so glad you found me again, but continue to visit the old one..I know they are going to do a fabulous job keeping it up.

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