Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't you just want to kill her!!

Sent my sister-in-law an email I had gotten about a photographer in her area taking Christmas pictures this weekend really cheap (I of course, haven't gotten a picture yet of my own little rascals). Love her to death, but she had pictures taken several weeks ago, ordered the cards, has them sealed up in the envelopes already with more than half of her Christmas shopping done! A wonderful reminder of how organized I was with only one child. Fine, my mind is like a sieve and I'm not sure I was ever that organized but it sounds good. Now yes, she still have lots of other things going on, and I'm really happy for her she's ahead of the game. I always say I'll be so I can enjoy the holiday with my kids..but every holiday just seems like chaos regardless of how early I prepare. I'm still up at 3am on Christmas Eve wrapping a gazillion stocking stuffers. While motherhood of any number is a challenge, I thought I'd take a look back at the pros and cons. I still secretly know I've got it easier than many when I think of my friend with SEVEN..all ages 9 and under (if that's not something that would send me drinking out of a paper bag, I don't know what would!) But, I look at her life and her large, close family and also know how lucky they are. Here we go:

Pros of Having ONE child:
  • Huge possibility of getting your body back - even if it takes a while, it comes back
  • Greater chance of not losing one in a store - one fits neatly in a cart. More than one, gives one the opportunity to hide between the racks while the others provide a distraction
  • Easier to pull one over on - older siblings always ruin it for the younger ones..with the 9 year old saying in front of his tearful 3 year old sister "I really don't think there's a Santa..what about the fakes at the mall?"
  • Less noise in the car
  • Less noise in the house
  • Less noise
Cons on having ONE:
  • I'm still thinking..I'll get back to you on this one
Pros of having lots of them:
  • Making the older ones play hide and seek with the little one so you can shower (also a con when that little one goes outside by himself to look for his brother while you're in the shower)
  • People believe you when you use the 'insanity' plea.
  • When at the doctor, you get in and out faster - they normally don't want to inflict the chaos, fighting and noise on the other patients in the waiting room.
  • Better chance of at least one turning out normal
Cons on having many:
  • Picking your breasts off the floor to put in your bra when you get dressed
  • Having your kids think you're a road map because of all the stretch marks
  • A moment to yourself means you have to hide in the closet (especially if you want to eat chips or candy) and even then you have about 90 seconds (I've timed it)
Yes, we all have our own challenges regardless of number of kids. Let me know yours..I'd hate to think I'm alone in the chaos!!

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