Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Few Hours Left

Only a few hours left...make sure you get out and VOTE!! We're having record turnout..so exciting. As an added incentive, Starbucks is giving free cups of coffee to those wearing their "I Voted" stickers. Also, Krispy Kreme is giving a free patriotic doughnut if you voted (Yes, I still lament the closure of so many of their stores...it's impossible to find them "hot" anymore.) Damn that healthy movement!


Helen/Dudley said...

Hi - I was late in picking a winner for my Bloggy Giveaway. However, I finally chose today via random.com and Congrats you are the winner! Please send me your address at helenhg at gmail dot com.

Doodlebug said...

Hey! Your blog still looks fabulous!! Did you get the button for OCP I sent??