Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yay! It's Over

Thankfully Halloween is now over..all we have left to do is the clean-up. Cleaning up the rained on, soggy spider webs from the bushes, the scraps of material from a last-minute Aladdin costume, and the loads of empty goodie bags brought home from school. It's now time to look forward to finding candy wrappers between the sheets of the bed and cavities. I still think whoever invented this holiday should have rocks thrown at him (you know it wasn't a mom that created it). We spend money on pumpkins, because everybody has to carve their least I was smart this year and gave my daughter a marker! She then drew all over it and herself and proceeded to coerce her brother into carving hers while she rode her bike and made him scoop out her seeds because they were "icky." We then send our children off into the darkness, wielding weapons no-less, to beg strangers for candy, only to inspect it, give them one piece because they've been eating it all day, and eat the majority of it after they go to bed. After the chaos is all over, we pack away the scary decorations, bring out Thanksgiving stuff, and watch our children (if they're like mine the very next morning) get with the calendar and pronounce there to be only 54 days left until Christmas. So until next year, another Halloween under our belts. Hope yours was a good one!


Qtpies7 said...

Congratulations! You won my Yoplait giveaway! I sent you an email. Please get back to me with your address by Wednesday.

danandmarsh said...

What a day you had, huh?
Hey you are the winner in my bloggy giveaway at Walks With Words please contact me with your shipping info, so I can get your book out to you! You will have 72 hours to contact me otherwise I will have to choose another winner. Thanks for participating, congratulations.