Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Babies

I guess it's fitting, given that I am a holiday baby of sorts that I would have my own holiday birthday child. I grew up with the dual gifts and the Christmas tree not going up until 10 days before Christmas to 'honor' my birthday. At least my daughter is a Thanksgiving and not Christmas baby. The one that came the day after her mother cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 20..great planning on my part. Trying to put together a birthday in the midst of a holiday sucks. Especially this year. With me trying to transition from stay-at-home mommy to mommy that works dropping the ball all over the place is difficult, at best. This year my motto is 'you're lucky you're getting a party in the first place'. All the previous handmade invitations, homemade fire engine birthday cakes, lovingly put together treat bags are out the window. This year is more like 'great, we found a place with a cancellation', running to the dollar section for Princess favors and evite invitations that went out a week before the party. So here I sit in a panic of mommy-guilt that comes with the wonder if anyone will come. I've had 2 RSVP's and a maybe. One 'yes, we can make it' phone call came with my daughter in the bath. The conversation went something like this:

Me (on the phone, but telling my daughter): Guess what, Christine is coming to your birthday party.

My Baby Girl: But I didn't invite Christine mommy

Me: Isn't that great she can come!

My Baby Girl: (Crying and starting to scream) I DON'T LIKE CHRISTINE..I DON'T WANT HER AT MY PARTY!!!!

Can you imagine my face..as I'm still on the phone with Christine's mom! I wanted to pull my daughter out of the bath and scream at her how lucky she is that someone she knows is coming! I gave out a bunch of invites to her classmates, hoping the odds were with me since I was so late...and this is what I get! At this point, she doesn't get to be choosy. I'm ready to start pulling anyone off the street who is somewhere in the vicinity of the toddler years and shove them in a party room. I can picture it now..."Mommy, who are these people"..."Mommy gave you a Meet New Friends party, sweetie". Anyone free this Sunday? Have kids? Nieces? Nephews? A 3 year old who lives a few doors down? You're welcome to come!!

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