Sunday, October 19, 2008

Having a Bad Day? Give Your Kids Dessert!

I know it sounds crazy, and this is not exactly a case of bribery..although admit it; as parents we've all used bribery now and again (or again and again.) During those days when the last thing you'd like to do is something nice for anybody..acutally you'd more like to hurl insults at any random passerby, give your kids dessert. Tonight, not that it was a bad day, they got Moosetracks chocolate ice cream with an Oreo shoved in the middle. Yes, dessert is huge in our house. Anyway, while they ate I went in the next room and a few minutes later I hear them rehearsing songs for me. It took a good 15 minutes to get it right who was going to go first, the lines, the tunes, all of it. I then walked in the room to chocolate faces and rounds of "I love Mom" in song. It was the best! I put it in my mental rolodex for that 'terrible day' and wanted to share it with you. Definitely the way to go after a crappy day. How can you still be mad with smiles, chocolate and little voices screaming your praises? If you still are, as a backup put them in bed at 7 o' clock and make your own bowl of Moosetracks ice cream with an Oreo shoved in the middle..if that doesn't work, nothing will.

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