Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Do You Forget About a Costume the Day Before Halloween?

I have admitted about a million times before that my mind is like a sieve these days..has been since my first one turned 2. That's a lot of years of forgetfulness. Ask me about anything that happened 2 days ago and forget it. What what I talking about? Oh, right costumes. Let's start at the beginning. My youngest son (Thing 2- 7 years old) wants to be Aladdin for Halloween. Disney doesn't make an Aladdin costume for boys. They make them for adults, but not kids..go figure. I'd love to see a man walking around with the puffy pants and velvet vest who's wife didn't force him to wear it because she wanted to be Jasmin...not that I understand that either. After going through three pregnancies, this is not a stomach I would want to bare to the world. I am, after all over 30 and past the point of sexy costumes. I'm more like the mean witch with a flowing robe that hides everything. Back to my boy. The only Aladdin costume I found was in several costume shops in England and I am certainly not paying a gazillion dollars to have a piece of gold lame that's going to rip in 10 minutes shipped here. So, being the dutiful mom I went to Walmart and bought a crapload of material, beads and felt. Keep in mind I can't sew, so of course in the basket went that "no sew" fabric glue, too. Can you only imagine the poor kid being made fun of? This is something that I do..several weeks before any sort of event, I get all creative with lofty ideas of a hidden Martha Stewart inside me. Not only is she not there, she's sitting on my shoulder laughing. Then, the stuff sits in a bag until the night before and I freak out. Here we are..up to speed. With a bag of beads from Walmart in the garage and a costume parade tomorrow at 8 o'clock.


Chelle said...

I am cracking up right now! That is too funny :)

Although it reminds me of myself...

I can't wait to hear how it turns out!

Defiant Mom said...

I'll let you know in the morning his response..I'm finally done. If I get the 'I'll just take something else from the dress up bucket'..he's a dead man! Especially given the fact that I'm going to bed with dried glue all over my hands and a SpongeBob bandaid covering a scissor slash that probably should have stitches!!!