Friday, October 31, 2008

Have Lots of Kids..Your Odds are Better

Yes, this is my new motto. The more kids you have, the greater chances you have of at least one of them turning out OK. This is the ending to my costume drama. I'm still sitting here with my Sponge Bob band aid from the giant slash to the finger last night at midnight putting the costume together for the kid I forgot (scroll down to read about my total lack of memory for anything that happened more than an hour ago). It's one of those moments where you have a bag of material, beads and glue and somewhere in your mind you put a check next to the "have costume" box. Last night I was up making an Aladdin costume for the one that just can't be easy and get a scary mask or one-piece zip up costume (he was a penguin last year). I got everything glued down, hand stitched (because I don't sew), tied on, and went to bed crossing my fingers. At 6 am, because they can never sleep in, he gets up and talks incessantly not about the costume itself, but how great it was because I stayed up and made it for him (he knows I'm creatively challenged). Just when you least expect it, they pull out all this gratefulness and love that makes the rest of it worthwhile. So he didn't wear the hat (how can you blame him, the sour cream tub probably still smelled and it was held together with kite string), the puffy paint was still wet, but he wore it proudly... even with his brother laughing (who of course, suffered the wrath of his father and told his Wii was going in the trash). Can you believe I pulled it off? Actually, it was more him than anything I did. So the costume parade at school is done, just the nighttime to go. Besides, who will notice anything falling off of it in the dark?

Here's a picture of how it turned out (my boy's the proud, smiling one in the puffy, purple pants!) Not really a great shot, but it's hard to get anything at those parades!

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