Friday, October 24, 2008

They're Coming, They're Coming!

My family is coming to visit tomorrow and I'm so excited, yet completely exhausted! Why is it that the ones you love the most, who really could give a crap what your house looks like are the ones you want to make it the nicest for? I've been in crazed cleaning mode..finding old (revolting and stinky) sippy cups under the beds, finding the long, lost shoe (months after I threw out it's match), and screaming like a drill sargent at the kids to clean up the back yard. As much work as it is, it's always awesome for my house when people come to stay. Actually, it's sort of my built-in cleaning regimen. I've tried all the little short cut ways, but let's face it..I'm the worst house cleaner. None of my mom rubbed off on me in that department. I chalk it up to the fact that it's more important for me to spend time with my kids than have an immaculate house. I've had a clean house..and it sucks. Don't get me wrong, the clean part is wonderful..but I turn into mommy nuerotic (fine, I'm mommy nuerotic half the time anyway but this is different). I walk 2 feet behind them with the words "Are you done with that..put it away then" spewing out of my mouth all day. After they have a snack I'm a crazy person with the spray cleaner getting the crumbs off the counter. I don't want to live like that! It's time we went on strike and lived among crumbs..that's how I feel. Besides, I subscribe to the whole insane germophobic theory of today. The kids' immune systems today are all jacked up from sanitation. Mine are never sick and it's because they live among the germs. Don't get me wrong, it's not like we live in a pit crawling with feces and empty pizza boxes..I clean. I just don't have a fancy little organizer for 'my supplies' with a schedule of toilet boils on Tuesdays or something equally as annoying. Besides, you all know once you pass kid #2, the five second rule turns into the five minute rule so there you go.
Anyway, back to my family coming. I'm beside myself with excitement and scheduling visitors each month so I can get a good thorough cleaning in...who wants to visit me in November?

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