Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall is Here!

My favorite season is fall...I love it! The promise of the holidays right around the corner (but not yet at the frantic panic of getting it all done), decorating the house, the leaves, the changing all gets me. I have to admit though, that while I love all the wonderful things Southern California has to offer, I'm still a Midwest girl at heart. There's not that many trees, so we don't really get the changing of the leaves. And although it's nice to be sitting here in shorts and a tank top, I miss needing a heavy coat and the cold, crispness in the air. But, cooler weather is coming..even for us. It'll only be a few more days until I get to cozy up in a sweater and light fires in the fireplace (it pays to get cold easily.) Either way you slice it, it's the best time of year...a new school year, pumpkins and the fun of choosing what to be for Halloween. Happy fall everyone!

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